Wanna Startup in Korea - Here's How

Korean Government Has Initiated K-Startup Grand Challenge Program for Foreign Startups to Incorporate in Korea

As a supporter of Founders Space, we are happy to announce that Korean government has initiated K-Startup Grand Challenge program for foreign startups to incorporate in Korea. The website states that "the Korean government has been injecting $2 Billion USD into its startup ecosystem in order to boost entrepreneurship, foster its venture industry and encourage international cooperation. The program is sponsored by the top Korean companies which can give the opportunity interact and work closely with them.
Any startups with non-Korean, foreign citizen CEO can apply and aim to expand into the Korean market. There is no limit on the applicant’s business stage. Check out the video below.
Online application is due on June 14th at K-Startup Grand Challenge website.
This is a 3-month program. Winners will receive free office space, mentoring, round-trip air ticket, and extra funds to cover housing & living expenses.


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