The First Video Toothbrush Comes to Town

Live Video Feed Empowers Users to Track and Improve Oral Healthcare

To be honest, the last thing I need is to look in my mouth (scary). But fears aside, we bumped into this Dental tech startup - ONVI which introduced the first electronic, live video feed toothbrush called Prophix. Yes, we did say live video feed. The Prophix system works with your smartphone and connected to the toothbrush via bluetooth.  Prophix claims to encourage better dental hygiene with savable photos to help you interact with your dental professional. The first video gives you an intro to Prophix and next we have an in-depth talk with Dr. Craig S. Kohler, CEO and founder on the concept and journey to bring dental tech to the next century.

Prophix Intro 

In-Depth Interview with Dr. Craig S. Kohler


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