Weekend Review - First AI Generated Screenplay Results in a Decent Short

Silicon Valley's Thomas Middleditch stars in AI Generated Sunspring

In the wake of Google’s AI Go victory and recent rematch ask, filmmaker Oscar Sharp turned to his technologist collaborator, Ross Goodwin, to build a machine that could write screenplays. They created ‘Jetson’ ,which the AI system renamed itself Benjamin, an LSTM (Long Short Term Memory) system and fueled him with hundreds of sci-fi TV and movie scripts. Building a team including Thomas Middleditch, star of HBO’s Silicon Valley, they gave themselves 48 hours to shoot and edit whatever Jetson decided to write. The result is Sunspring, a sci-fi short film starring Thomas Middleditch. Ars Technica channel on the The Scene has the film showing now.

The Nerdy crew screened this nine min short, actually many times, because it was a little hard to get your head around it. In the beginning, the filmmaker - Oscar Sharp, tells the viewer that they fed movies like 2001- A Space Oddessy to Blade Runner. Forget the popcorn, this is not your happy disney move. Strong liquor and an open mind is required. It was funny and intense at the same time. This is the type of experimental film that we need once in a while.


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