Kickstarter Unboxed - How to Use Solar Without Solar Panels

Sunport is the Airbnb of Solar

We talk with the makers of Sunport about using solar without panels
Sunport Plug (courtesy of Sunport)

Do you know what TRecs, SRecs or Green Tags are? Also known as Renewable Energy Certificates(REC). These certificates are what enables you to use Solar without panels. 

Kickstarter alumni,
Sunport, has just started shipping this spring and will allow you to use solar energy without solar panels using RECs.  When RECs are purchased in combination with non-renewable electricity this constitutes the legal purchase of renewable energy. This is how electrical grid connected renewable energy is traded in the U.S. This is how companies like Apple can claim to be green energy users. We talk with Paul Droege of Sunport about his product and how you can be a slick solar user like Apple. Paul also shares some Kickstarter wisdom. Check it out.

"If you use Solar as a Service rather than becoming a producer it is that much more accessible"

" is like most of the world where things are getting broken down into a service platform...Airbnb doesn't own hotels rooms but they sell accommodations none the less"

Videos about RECs


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