How to Get the World's Energy Data in Google Sheets

EIA Becomes First Government Agency to Make Data Available On Google Sheets as Add-On

EIA Spreadsheet courtesy of US Energy Information Administration
Today, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has released a free data add-on for Google Sheets. The new Sheets add-on allows users to browse EIA's energy 1.2 Million data series API data categories or search keywords to find domestic and international energy data for the production, consumption, and price of different fuels, as well as EIA's short-term forecasts and long-term projections. This means the data is very mobile friendly. 
EIA's Google Sheets add-on provides access to easily updateable energy data for users who do not use or may not have access to Excel. This add-on is the first government add-on developed for Google Sheets and was developed in coordination with Google to ensure compatibility and usability. The free add-on is available through the Chrome Webstorethrough the Add-Ons table in Google Sheets. Here's how: 

1. Open google sheets in Google Drive or Google Sheets App

2. In Google Sheets, Click on Add-On, and Click on 'Get add-ons...'
3. In the Chrome Add-on Store, search for 'EIA'

4. Click on the '+ Free' Button to install the Add-on

5. Once installed, click on Add-on and select 'EIA API Data Browser' and click 'Query API'

 6. The EIA API data browser box then pops up

7. In the browser window, use the Search tab to find a specific country or topic

8. Here's an example Solar data set from Japan

Users can find, search, browse, query, and automatically update data series, essentially giving users access to any data EIA has available in the API. Throughout EIA's website, the API Key symbol identifies a link to a page with the API source key for that data series. The refresh button allows users to update all series within their spreadsheet to the latest EIA data with just one click. It provides one-click instant download of the entire time series. EIA's Google Sheets add-on also has a spark-line chart to give users an instant preview of the data series over time.


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