Everything You Know is Wrong - A Startup Market Adoption Guide

Neil Young of N3TWORK Presents Guide to Market Adoption of Disruptive Products

We breakdown N3TWORK's Neil Young's presentation at 2016 Casual Connect USA
Everything You Know is Wrong - kinda
At the last Casual Connect USA - a popular gaming conference, we attended their "Industry Insights" track where the movers and shakers in the gaming industry present their take on current and future state of the gaming industry. There was not anything casual was N3TWORK Neil Young's "Everything You Know is Wrong". A very bold statement indeed. As Neil Young was presenting this topic from the slant from a gaming perspective, I thought his advice on market adoption was globally adoptable in all markets and great advice for startups. Indie game developers are startups. Mr. Young takes two product categories - VR and Mobile games and shows how the model explains its market growth. We break down his presentation into four parts. 

Product Adoption - Watch Your Atoms

In this segment, Neil Young presents that a 3D model of market adoption is combination of Atom Complexity (Scale, Scope and Complexity), Amount of Change (Market behavior) and Breakthrough Content (brand features, infrastructure or prior market entries). In games, Breakthrough Content would be the brand Intellectual Property (IP) where each mobile game hit helps its successor. The difference between, PokemonGo vs some other mobile game is a great example. For example, this model for a mobile app would be potential of high degree of success (low behavior change, less atom complexity and the infrastructure of an App store). In another area, like IoT it would be a lower degree of success (how will the device help a person? and how much would it cost to develop, Will it have multiple device connectivity, and what kind of content or software will enable the market. 

VR - Example of High Atom Complexity, High Behavioral Change and Low Content.

In this segment of Neil Young's presentation, Mr. Young explains why VR could take a long time for massive market adoption. A lot of atom complexity, behavioral retraining and a long road for content creation.

Mobile Games Hits Mainstream Adoption but Under Appreciated

In this segment, Neil Young presents the mobile game market where low atom complexity(small devices, cheap devices), low market change of behavior(everyone has a mobile smartphone) and powered by breakthrough content.

PokemonGo Just Expanded the Mobile Game Market

In this last segment of Neil Young's presentation, Mr. Young uses PokemonGo as a great example for his market adoption model - low atom complexity, low behavioral change, and tremendous content. As Mr. Young puts it "it's f*cking Pokemon".

Here's a link to the original slide deck from the conference

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