The Humpday Must Watch - Old School vs New School Phone Teardown

Wired's Digital Series 'Tech Guts' tears down Nokia 3310 and iPhone6s

We review Wired's Tech Guts video of Nocia 3310 and iPhone6s teardown.
Classic Nokia 3310 and Apple iPhone 6s (photo courtesy of Conde Nast Entertainment)
The classic Nokia 3310 was introduced in Y2K and the Apple iPhone6 was released almost a year ago. That's a whopping 15 years of technology. We would like to say that the indestructable Nokia 3310 was the predecessor to the popular "Chocolate bar" series of phones. You can learn a lot from TechRadar's memorial article on the 3310. Wired's digital video series Tech Guts tears down the phone duo to show how technology has progressed in 15 years. Check it out!

Watch it on Conde Nast Entertainment's The Scene here:   Tech Guts: Nokia 3310 vs. iPhone 6/WIRED

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