What is Your Presentation Management Strategy?

Shufflrr's James Ontra Explains Why a Presentation Management Strategy is a Good Idea

We interview co-founder James Ontra on his view of today's presentation management.
Image courtesy of Shufflrr LLC
We all do presentations but how many times do you feel they were "one offs"? The "one offs" are the presentations created for a specific conference, a specific presentation for a client or just one to promote yourself or business. In bigger organizations that I have been in, the presentation creation flow was this: (1) product marketing would produce what we call the "deck of slides" and the "recommended" order of presenting. (2) I would go out to the field and find out from our local sales team what they believe the client wants to hear this. (3) I will rearrange the slide deck and present to a room of c-level executives only to find out there was no interaction (4) From the time of exiting the meeting to the next presentation, I was always wondering what happened and how would I feedback my thoughts back to the headquarters. I felt presentations of that time always was a "sales" lecture with you lecturing and the audience listening. Fast forward to today.

Today, presentations is more about interaction, engagement and feedback. A few weeks ago, we did an article on the "The Future of Presentations" and here we present an interview with James Ontra, CEO and co-founder of Shufflrr on why his service is a strategy for presentation management. 

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