The Weekend Review: Behind the Star Trek Beyond Digital FX

Mike Seymour breaks down Star Trek Beyond Special Effects

We take a look at Wired's FX series as they break down Star Trek Beyond FX
Star Trek Beyond Title (Courtesy of Conde Nast Entertainment)
The Nerd Stalkers love special effects (FX). Thanks to Conde Nast Entertainment for the opportunity to review.'s Mike Seymour takes viewers into a deep dive as he breaks down Star Trek Beyond FX in the latest episode of WIRED’s Design FX. From the digital construction of the Starship Enterprise all the way down to the creation of the extraterrestrials, WIRED’s popular digital video series has all the secrets of the film’s incredible special effects. Check it out this weekend.

The video is now live on WIRED’s channel on THE SCENE, the video platform from Condé Nast Entertainment.

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