What If You Added A Story To Pokemon Go

Robert Pratten Talks About the Current & Future of  Pokemon Go, AR & Transmedia

Integration of AR with Transmedia storytelling can add depth to a fan experience
AR and Transmedia Storytelling Could Add More to PokemonGo (photo courtesy of Transmedia Storytellers Ltd.)
What if you were one of the Pokemon being hunted and captured as part of an adventure story that gets unfolded and retold every second? That is what Augmented Reality (AR) and Transmedia storytelling is all about. We talk with Rob Pratten, transmedia expert and founder and CEO of Transmedia Storytelling Ltd., about how AR can enhance transmedia storytelling if done right. He discusses that we think of Augmented Reality visually but challenges us that AR can be effective with other of our senses. Rob also gives some comment on the latest AR hit - Pokemon Go. Check out our interview with Rob below.

"Pokemon Go comes off of the back of the Ingress experience which the success of Ingress is the social component, if Pokemon Go is going to survive the hype - it will be because of the social component" - Rob Pratten

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