The Humpday Must Watch: History of Two Iconic American Super Hero Box Office Brands

WIRED's Data Attack Series Reveals the History of DC and Marvel Films

DC vs. Marvel (Photo Courtesy of Conde Nast Entertainment)

You need to create a Super Hero startup. Since 1978, DC and Marvel have released 69 live action films and in the next 4 year years 19 superhero movies. We spend over 27.6% of our discretionary income on Super Hero flicks. Both brands have over 17,000 super heroes in their IP vault. That means they can make films for a long time. Between the two brands, Marvel was the phoenix which declared bankruptcy in late 1996 to being a Disney conglomerate flagship today. Marvel has released over 75 films, shorts and series since 1978 which is considered the start of the modern super hero era. DC, like Marvel, started in the 30's and now is a flagship brand of Time-Warner. DC has released over 60 films, shorts and series since 1978. Check out WIRED’s popular digital video series, Data Attack, reveals the history of DC and Marvel films in stop motion and how they’ve created Hollywood’s biggest franchises. 

DC vs. Marvel: Box Office Battle” (with animation by Eric Power) is now live on WIRED’s channel on THE SCENE, the video platform from Condé Nast Entertainment.

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