Humpday Must Watch: The Most Tricked Out Science Ship in the World

Wired Looks At the Most Advanced Oceanographic Ship in the World

Wired takes a trip on the world's most advanced science ship
Sally Ride Model Rendering ( Photo Courtesy of Conde Nast Entertainment / Scripts Institution of Oceanography)
This 238-foot beauty isn’t just oddly comfortable—it comes equipped with some serious tech  for some serious oceanography and called the Sally Ride. From the Scripps Press Brochure  "Owned by the United States Office of Naval Research and operated by Scripps Institution of  Oceanography, R/V Sally Ride is an Ocean Class Auxiliary General Oceanographic Research (AGOR) vessel designed to perform multidisciplinary oceanographic research  worldwide, from littoral environments to the deepest ocean, from the tropics into first-year sea ice. Check out the specs below and the video from Wired's Channel on Conde Nast Entertainment's The Scene.

R/V Sally Ride Specializations
  • Gross tonnage: 3,043 long tons
  • Sustained speed: 12 kts Maximum speed: 12.8 kts
  • Dynamic positioning & trackline following: ± 5m in SS5
  • Endurance: 40 days at 12 knots (fuel) Range: 10,545 nm
  • Ice strengthening: independent ops in rst-year ice (ABS Ice Class D0)
  • Superior maneuverability and reliability from variable-speed
  • controllable pitch propellers and bow and stern thrusters
Room on Board
  • Accommodation: 20 crew, 24 scientists (includes ADA stateroom)
  • Laboratory space: 2,035 ft2 Main deck working area: 3,036 ft2
  • Science storage space: 5,017 ft3 Science payload: 250 long tons
  • Portable vans: 3 20-foot containers aft, 1 container forward
  • Length: 238 feet Beam: 50 feet Draft: 15 feet

Scientific Equipment
Trust us - it is serious.

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