Kickstarter Unboxed - Your Body Can Compose Music

SHIKUMI DESIGN's Launches a Motion Music Composer Called KAGURA

We introduce KAGURA - the first body music composer
KAGURA Screen (courtesy of SHIKUMI DESIGN)
No musical talent? At the last J-POP SUMMIT Festival at Fort Mason in San Francisco, we found a unique musical composer called KAGURA (KA-GU-RA) that does need knowledge of a major or a minor chord. KAGURA is a motion interface for musical sounds where one uses the motion of the body to initiate sounds. Sounds can be defined in many ways. The demo at J-POP SUMMIT was percussion or drums but can be defined with many different instruments and instruments you can import through. You can also use KAGURA if you know music as well. With a Digital Audio Workstation(DAW) and KAGURA and a mixer an interesting mix of dance and music can be created.  The key technology for the KAGURA motion interface either by webcam or Intel's RealSense technology which uses three cameras - an HD camera, IR camera and Laser projector. SHIKUMI DESIGN in partnership with DMM-make has an active Kickstarter campaign. We interview Shunsuke Nakamura, CEO and founder of SHIKUMI DESIGN on his vision for this product. 


KAGURA has won accolades from competitions and media from around the world. 

Check out their Kickstarter page for more information.

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