Can You Write a Story in 140 Characters?

We came across a great game recently that recaptures your creativity in writing and gamifies it. Write It! Versus is a great transmedia game based on a e-book and is now available on iOS. We talk with Juan Pablo Gaviria about how he came up with the app and how you are given 3 words and 140 characters to create your story.

Unlock Your Creativity

"I really believe anyone can be creative"

"creativity is almost eliminated when we are in elementary school, middle school and high school"

"We believe we came up with a simple system...the game gives you a story type, and three words - one easy word, one medium word and one difficult word to include in a 140 character page"

So the idea is that you play this app with your friends and create a story - 140 character page at a time. There are characters from the e-book that WriteIt! Versus uses in the app. The game centers around Astro, a.k.a “Paperboy”  and is new to his school and living with grandma “granny”. There is an evil, egotistical teacher named Mr. Sharks who is trying to suck the creativity out of kids. The higher the score, the faster a player becomes a Master Storyteller capable of defeating Mr. Sharks. In addition to Paperboy and Mr. Sharks, there is a cast of other colorful, friendlier, characters to help guide a player through the game. The game starts with a story title which you create and the game then gives you three words of varying difficulty to write a 140 character page. You can then send the page to your opponent/friend and create your story. At the end of page 10, person with the most points win. The game allows you to download the entire story after your are finished.

SocialGreg's Uptake

Like I wrote above, this is unique but trending area - transmedia storytelling. I like the transmedia connection to help connect the e-book to the game app. There are over 30,000 stories written with this app in a number of countries and some stories are even written in Chinese. The site landing page is in english but you can "Google Translate"it. This is an app worth trying and has some applications to team building as well. Only available in iOS and you can download it here. If you want to explore more please go to their website.


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