How Tempo Botched their App Store launch.

Two days ago Tempo was announced to the world, there was significant interest and it appears now no one is able to register to use the app. That means two days of a useless app, the team now says they have decided to launch a new app tomorrow 2/15 that will onboard more. Read the update from the Tempo blog,
"...Here is the plan:

  1. We will submit a new version of Tempo Smart Calendar with a reservation system to the App Store tomorrow (Feb 15th) for express approval
  2. Once approved (usually within 24 hours), you can install the new Tempo and secure your position and we will then email you when Tempo is available
  3. In the meanwhile, we will continue to gate-keep ~1-3K users / hour (we have a backlog well over 100K users)..."


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