Social Time TV - Hack, Hack, Who's There?

Sean Charles (@SocialMediaSean) and Greg Viloria (@SocialGreg) are back for another episode of SocialTimeTV.  This week, Sean and Greg talk about the hacking that went on in the social sphere recently. They talk about the winners - Burger King, and then the losers - Chrysler-Jeep, MTV, BET. Sean and Greg even talk about some of the people responsible as well as hacking ethics.

Hack, Hack, Hack 


Jeff Jarvis Blasts BBC for Creating a "Technopanic" Due to Hacking

Blogger blasts 'irresponsible' BBC over Facebook hack story 

Which social networks got hacked recently?

Let’s look at the Winners and the Losers 

The Hacker Winners

 Burger King Hack Shows Not All Social Media "Disasters" Are Bad 

The Hacker Losers

Who's Responsible?

So let’s talk about the stealthi’est hacker group of them all

Anonymous latest victim of Twitter hack 

From the SocialTimeTV “You gotta be Kidding” file

Googling for a lawyer while under arrest is a right, rules Canadian judge  

Social Media Tips

Facebook posting: Posting STATS 
New image preview size:
Can you create a story in 140 characters?  


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