Nerd Stalker Tech Week - Google, Raspberry Pi and Forever

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This week's Nerd Stalker Techweek Podcast Picks:
Who needs Google? Rural British community builds its own fiber network
Raspberry Pi to get a video camera via @pcworld
How Tempo Botched their App Store launch.
Watch out Patent Trolls President Obama is on to you via @ubergizmo
Nokia may follow Apple and dump Samsung as a supplier
Happy Valentine's, Google — see you in court via @gigaom

Speed Round:
The Beauty of Talking 20
Light-controlling sheet switches between mirror and transparent states
Posterous will shut down April 30, Posthaven to the rescue
Your Personal Smart TrashCan Outfielder can catch your trash via @diginfonews

Tip of the Week:
iOS Workflows Is a Collection of Ways to Automate Data Sharing in iOS
Can you create a story in 140 Characters - Write It! Versus iOS App


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