What, Me Worry - Malware on Macs

At Macworld/iWorld 2013, we came across an interesting company. ESET provides malware protection for Macs. Huh? What? Macs need malware protection? Well, yes, they do according to ESET. In this interview, we sat down with Stephen Cobb, Security Evangelist for ESET. Stephen discusses why ESET believes you should be protected from Mac Malware.

Malware On Macs? You Betcha

"What we are seeing is a steady increase in the amount of malware targeting Macs"

"We think a lot of Mac users are not as aware of the threats as they maybe as they should be..."

"People who write viruses are a lot more organized and specialized...people writing malware to target your interest"

ESET was founded 20 years ago in Slovakia by students who developed anti-virus technology. They have labs around the world researching malware and get over 200,000 samples of malware daily. They have a "NASA-like" grid showing where viruses are popping. That being said Mac's closed environment limits the avenues of attack. Their technology uses heuristics to detect known bad files to speed up detections and can identify a piece of code as suspicious.

SocialGreg's Uptake

Stephen gave a great education about malware on Macs and ESET's take on the malware detection. A cool feature is that the scanning is done on the cloud using their heuristic technology. So even if Macs are not a vulnerable to attacks, Stephen highlight that the can be responsible for the spread of a virus. I was also surprised to hear from Stephen by the amount of sharing in the virus technology community. As soon as a virus is detected, the information is shared amongst all the developers. If you have a Mac it may be a good idea to check out ESETs offerings - a worthwhile investment.


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