Scan Your Entire Book Library Affordably

This week, we were introduced to a very unique personal service. Did you ever wished that one of your books were in eBook format. Well, 1DollarScan can scan up to a 100 page book for a George Washington or a buck. We sat down with Hiroshi Nakano, CEO of zLibro, Inc. and creator of San Jose based 1DollarScan. Hiroshi talks about some of the benefits of using their service and some of the features that help optimize your reading experience.

1DollarScan Moves You Towards 100% Digital

"I lived in a small apartment in Tokyo...I had around 100 book library ... and put it into my iPad"

"There was no type of service like this in the United States at this price"

"Our Services are based on "fair use""

1DollarScan is a very simple service. Send your book to their processing site, wait and download the .pdf file from their website. Where this service really shines is the not only the fair price but some proprietary technology.  1DollarScan optimizes your scan by using their proprietary "Fine Tune" technology to optimize the reading experience for your e-reading device and scan file size by removing some of that file-size wasting white space around the text. They also offer a premium membership that allows 30-40 books to be scanned in a month for $99.

SocialGreg's Uptake: 1DollarScan Saves Space Physically and Digitally

1DollarScan uses the the Japanese method of simplicity and efficiency to get your physical library into the "e-generation." If you live in an urban environment, and love reading from your tablet device,  this is a great space saver. One interesting aspect is that they cut the binding and scan the book so your are trading your physical book for a .pdf file. Most of their services are B-to-C but their B-to-B model is expanding with talks with libraries and universities. Talking offline with Hiroshi, their service also can help the visually impaired by using their OCR technology and creating an audio file which should be released sometime this year. Check it out and start saving space.


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