Meshin Is Calling It Quits

We are getting tips from Meshin users today that our favorite Evernote calendaring app is calling it quits see the email sent to users,
"...As you know Meshin is a business incubation project inside PARC, a division of Xerox. Your participation as a Meshin beta user has been critical to us and we appreciate all your time and effort. As a special valued Meshin user we wanted to reach out to you first to let you know about some upcoming important changes with Meshin.

We will be removing the Meshin Calendar: for Evernote app from the Apple iOS App Store within the next few days. Your already downloaded iPhone and iPad Meshin Calendar apps will continue to work. Your Meshin account will remain active until the end of March, at which point we will be taking the service down. We will be offering limited customer support until the end of March. However for iOS users we do recommend transitioning any of your information from the service by the end of February, as the Meshin iOS app will lose the ability to link to Evernote's service by then due to OAuth requirements.

You may be wondering what will become of Meshin going forward? While Meshin will no longer exist as a separate calendaring application, PARC will continue to use the underlying Meshin technology in a number of other future projects.

If you would like to continue as a beta user for any future Meshin research, or other PARC mobile projects, please reply to us. We will keep you informed as they unfold.

Once again we would like to thank you for your support of Meshin. We can’t overstate how much we have valued your support..."


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