Is Your Nightlife Social - Interview with Artin Nazarian

Vertical social networks seem to be hitting the social network scene more often. We did a food social network recently and we now look at nightlife or "clubbing." In this interview, we talk with Artin Nazarian, co-founder of SocialNightlife about his new vertical social network. Artin discusses the parallels of Social Networks to the TV industry and offers a place where vertical social networks can exist.

SocialNightlife Brings a Customer Service Element to Social Networks

"I was noticing MySpace when venues were using a personal profile but using it to promote a venue instead."

"I was thinking where social networking is going,Veritcal or niche type of network... Facebook and others are like the networks ABC, NBC, where in 50s, 60s that is all the players in the TV world and huge but  then what ended up happening Cable was born. And this is exactly what is happening in Social Networking."

"Vertical or niche social networks cannot offer just market but they must offer business tools."

SocialNightlife is an interesting take on niche social networks. SocialNightlife appeals to four nightlife demographics - venues, venue operators, performers(DJs), general fan. For the venue operator, it is a place one can manage events and provide customer service like table reservations or guest lists. For the partier, it offers choice and a way to interact with each venue as well as others. SocialNightlife is the perfect automation tool for the venue operator. SocialNightlife looks to monetize using advertising, sponsorships and subscription (VIP) services.

SocialGreg's Uptake

SocialNightlife is an example of a Social Network that Facebook or Twitter can't be. Niche social networks offer tools for the niche users to enhance their experience. Facebook or Twitter won't and can't do this. In SocialNightlife, they offer the business tools to appeal to venue managers and tools to have the partiers interact with one another. SocialNightlife is also launching their service in the party capitals or the world - Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles. They will be testing their service using a group of operators and venue goers in each of these cities to make sure their services are on the right track. If you are a destination or partier, check it out and see how they develop in the next year.


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