HP's Live Photo Brings Life to Your Photos

In December, HP quietly released an iPhone App called Live Photo. I know what is going through your mind "Another Photo App". Before you make judgement on this app - This app is very unique. This is not a photo app and not a video app. It merges the two to bring you a personalized photo/video journey. We talked with Elaine Yuan, product manager at HP about their new app - Live Photo.

Augmented Reality isn't just for Big Brands Anymore

"Makes Your Photo's come to life by watching by short videos"

"It uses Augmented Reality, taken that technology provided by Aurasuma, and bringing to technology to the everyday consumer"

"Wanted to bring Augmented Reality to create a magical experience for the consumer"

HP brought this our publicly for the first time at Macworld/iWorld 2013. So you pick a video from your camera roll, select a 45 second slice, select a still photo from that video and away you go. The cool experience isn't from your computer screen but have your printed photos come to life by hovering your phone over the still photo and launching a video. Check out the video below for a demo.

SocialGreg's Uptake

The fact that HP has brought AR to normal everyday consumers is the big story here. The applications is really a trojan horse. Seed the consumers and let the marketers go crazy. Now imagine, you can take your phone and hover a magazine or train station poster and launching a video. Movie marketers take note. Give this app a try. This app is just available on the iPhone and will be launched on Android in 2013.


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