Talking 20 Could Be Bigger Than The Old Facebook of Health Analogy

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Adolfo Foronda of Nerd Stalker interviews Heather Heine, CEO of Talking 20 at the Bulletproof biohacking conference.

From the Talking 20 website,
"Talking20 is a biotechnology company driven to create an ecosystem of health awareness and discovery by offering low-cost biomarker testing directly to everyone. From a single drop of blood sent in the mail, your Talking20 test provides a window for you to view and interact with biological events as they happen in your body."

Biohackers are going to love this service, the baselines they provide for individuals at the competitive price point is a huge win. The data they could acquire will be of huge value to the research community, I predict big things for this startup.

We intend to give the service a try and will write up a later review, in the meantime watch or listen to the very interesting talk we have with Heather, you will learn alot.


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