Home Automation Makes a Big Step Towards Sanity

Home Automation is some ways is a "home brew" or "maker" type of world. All of us techies were searching for the holy grail of home automation control. Enter Crestron Electronics. At Macworld/iWorld 2013, Crestron introduced to us commoners a unique control package called Crestron Control Everything which features total control from your iOS device. In this interview, Delia Hansen, Crestron Solutions Manager, Residential explains their home automation control concept.

Crestron Controls Everything through Your iOS Device

"What we find is challenging is the lack of standardization in the market, there is a lot of closed architecture, proprietary platforms, we are actually pretty open architecture"

"I am happy that hackers have brought us to where we are"

"Biggest thing in the future is that the home will be a singular unit"

Imagine controlling everything with one touch of a button from your iPad. That is exactly what Crestron says they have. With their mobile apps, you can control your home devices like lights, climate and other appliances remotely. Crestron has tested a lot of their home automation products through their commercial climate control products.

SocialGreg's Uptake

After seeing the Crestron demo, it seems home automation has come out of the hacker lab. Crestron has a long history of climate control in the commercial space and if you work in a office building and reading this, Crestron is probably making you environment warm and comfy. The fact that you can use your phone to control items at home remotely is a wonderful thing. I have turned around to go back to my house because of a concern back at the house and would have jumped at the chance to have my smarphone check my house and give me a status of the house. That being said, you still have to find a way to connect your household appliances but Crestron gives you some great options.


John P said…
Belkin WeMo is more approachable and consumer friendly I think. And they're sold in Apple stores, Costco and many other big box stores. For anyone interested, here's a review of all the available WeMo products out right now: http://www.homeautomationist.com/product-review/belkin-wemo-switch-and-motion-sensor-home-automation-review/

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