Live Blogging from Macworld/iWorld 2013 - End of Day Two

End of Day 2 and the Nerd Stalker crew is exhausted. We did over 10 interviews and will start posting them over the weekend.

The crowds definitely picked up today during the day. Tomorrow is the last day and we would expect another up tick in attendance because of last day bargain offers for products and only at Macworld/iWorld.


Listen to Adolfo's comments on CleanMyMac here.

On Tap for the Nerd Stalkers

We did some great interviews on some interesting tech. Look for the following in the next few days:

Interview with Delia Hansen from Crestron - Future of Home Automation

Interview with Hugh Sung and Airplay - wireless music pedal technology

Interview with Sam Russell of Jam for iPhone - Social Karaoke anyone?

Interview with Larry Fishman of Fishman Transducers - A Midi Guitar that works!

Interview with Tony Agnello of Eventide - Future of Stompboxes and Macs

Interview with Stephen Cobb of ESET - Malware on Macs?

Interview with Elaine Yuan of HP Live Photo - Pictures come alive with Augmented Reality

Interview on Lumo Back - Is you posture correct?

Thoughts on Dolly Drive

Music at MacWorld Feature


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