Kickstarter Unboxed: Shaun Alexander of Total POM

How do you track your things that have legs or wheels? You need real-time GPS, cellular and Bluetooth tracking. This is the product promise of the Total POM. We talk with Shaun Alexander of Total POM where he discusses Total POM and also his insights into their first Kickstarter campaign. 

Tracking Objects That Matter

"We saw what Tile, Chipolo was doing and we thought our product was quite a bit better and we can add features that they don't have...we use GPS, Bluetooth and Cellular"
"(on the B-to-B side) we specialized in doing it for thousands of items rather than five, so you may track five different items and that is a lot for a person but we were doing it for big huge warehouses and businesses where they need to track pallets worldwide."
"One thing with Kickstarter you can only choose one perk, you can't choose this perk, this perk and that perk"

SocialGreg's Uptake

It was interesting to hear Shaun's take on their Kickstarter campaign. He pointed out some things that you need to address when planning out your campaign like launching only one product (they launched three) and planning out the perks. Shaun also emphasized careful planning of the Kickstarter launch which is the same as launching a product into the market. Kickstarter is a great test market vehicle for your product. Shaun pointed out in the interview that you will find out many things about your product which could modify functionality, features and price. Total POM will launch whether the Kickstarter is successful or not. Check out what they have here or visit their webpage.


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