Going Paperless - Managing Your Video Shoot with an iPad

The gang here at Nerd Stalker likes lynda.com. We had a chance to talk to one of their "Staff Authors" - Nick Brazzi about managing video production paperlessly with an iPad. Nick does this for a living and is an Apple fan from his previous stint at Apple. Nick describes one of his latest video instruction creations "Managing Your Video Shoot with an iPad." as his own conceived workflow. If you do any type of video production, check out Nick's thoughts on how he came to develop this course and what you can gain from it.

Video Production Goes Paperless

"I LOVE taking technology and translating for people who don't necessarily understand it or have the time to collect all the resources to give a clear message to help people to go straight to what they need to learn"

"this is a personal course to me because...I feel this is a workflow I put together"

"I put together this workflow of planning the entire shoot which includes collecting story boards and scripts, building shot lists, building schedules and building call sheets (to make sure all the casting and crew are together and on the right time), and during the shoot making sure we get all the shots and all the notes for the editors are recorded."

Check out the Nick's video course trailer here

Our previous interview of Nick Brazzi


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