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Nerd Stalker Picks of the Week:
  1. Video Of The Week: Larry Lessig On MayDay PAC
  2. What Is Cramming? And Why Did The FTC Say T-Mobile Fraudulently Made Millions From It?… via @SAI (Steve Kovach / Business Insider)
  3. Amazon enters retail top 10
  4. VMware Declares That Windows Reign 'Is Coming To An End' ... And The Mac Is Taking Over via @SAI (Julia Bort / Business Insider)
  5. Why Windows Phone cannot rebound
  6. Bitcoin may have finally reached a tipping point
  7. A Guest post by Mike Wade of IMD on Amazon's Fire via @nerdstalker | Why The #Amazon Fire Phone Could Be A #Smartphone Game Changer via @Forbes @TomBradleywsj

Speed Round:
  1. UH-OH: Your Android device might be broadcasting your location to everyone around you
  2. The infotainment war heats up as Apple announces nine new Carplay partners via @DigitalTrends (Ryan Waniata | digitalTrends)
  3. DARPA Has Genetically Engineered Super Blood to Protect Soldiers From a Major Threat
  4. "Entrepreneur Barbie Is on LinkedIn, and She's Already Way More Connected Than You" (Roo Ciambriello/Ad Week)
Tips of the Week:
  1. 11 Time Saving Tips You Probably Haven’t Considered via @dspark (David Spark / Spark Minute)
  2. Announcing Maker Camp 2014

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