Kickstarter Unboxed: SPOR Chargers Insights with David Hunt

Happy 4th everyone! We interview David Hunt, co-founder of SPOR Chargers, on the completion of their Kickstarter campaign live from the birthplace of independence - Philadelphia, PA. David shares interesting anecdotes of their campaign and what they learned. David also discusses their interesting localized assembly/distribution model. You will even find out why David's mantra is "be like water."

The Kickstarter Life as College Students

"Manage the comments and the interactions of messages...never want people waiting"

"There were people who wanted to steal the product...from different places from around the world they scour Kickstarter or crowd-funding sites to figure out what the latest and greatest product so they can produce it faster and get it out to the market"

"It is important that you need the product in and out...people are going to question the specifics of the product"

Here is the link to the previous interview with his partner Jason


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