MobileX Labs Driven by an Entrepreneur's DIY

So what do you do when you something doesn't exist or you can't afford it? You do it yourself. That's what Dan Novaes (Noh-Bai-ehs) of MobileX Labs has done. Back in 2010, Dan wanted to build a mobile app for his music blog. It was too expensive through developers. so Dan built it through through a Fiverr contact and said there has to be easier way. Well, MobileX Labs is the easier way. MobileX Labs allows you to build a mobile app or a mobile game through a subscription similar to WIX. Dan also shares his experience with Mark Cuban and being a part of the Mark Cuban Portfolio companies.

A $35 Fiverr Turns into a DIY Mobile App Development Service

"We are the first app build that is offering native apps but it is free or $29 per month"

"It is a subscription mobile...allows you to create a nice, customizable app"

"We strive very hard to make it as easy as it could take 5 minutes to build an app"


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