Startup Blog Insights - Thinking Agile is Important to Your Business

This month we explore agile thinking as it pertains to startups and entrepreneurs. We catch up with Taffy Williams of Startup Blog and for his insights on his article on "Thinking Agile is Important to Your Business" Taffy gives examples from his experience of Agile ways of thinking as applied to a startup business. Give it a view!

Making the Best of Your Situation

“Being more agile in one’s thinking means finding and implementing alternatives that work best given your situation. It also means learning to alter or completely eliminate practices you routinely use when a given situation requires doing so.”

"This comes down to making sure understanding situations that you are in and do it ways that you might have not thought about it"

"Sometimes people aren't willing to look at alternatives because of what worked in the past but in the future it may not"


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