myWebRoom Opens a Creative Design Display and Workspace in San Francisco

There are a lot of tech workspaces here in this town. Some cool, some small, some drop dead gorgeous but this one is all three. myWebRoom's fresh layout at 875 Sansome St. in San Francisco is Tech x Designer Showcase. They showed off their space this week decked out in artwork from SFMOMA, SF Design Center and Zazzle. Their workspace represents how the "Real world and virtual world connects" says co-founder Artem Fedyaev. Check out what both myWebRoom co-founders Artem Fedyaev and John Gonzalez say about their company and their space.

HTML for Dummies Turns Concept Into Reality

"this product represents me" says Artem Fedyaev

"everything in life has a function, whether it is a painting on the wall whose function is to make you happy...same thing as online...those are services you use so why not put them into a page instead of tabs" says Aretm Fedyaev

"I didn't realize how selfless I had to be to run a company" says John Gonzalez


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