Swapbox Says Goodbye to Your Delivery Guy

How would life be without waiting for your package to arrive? Sweet, huh? That's the promise that Neel Murthy of Swapbox wishes for your life. Swapbox is a service that allows you to pick up that package on your schedule not someone else's. This service is similar to the Amazon Locker with 7-11 but the big difference is that you can send items too. We met Neel at SF New Tech where he launched their product. Check out our interview of Neel as he shares how he will make your life better.

Post Office of the Future

"Swapbox is a super Post Office...we try to imagine what the post office would look like if it was designed for your convenience in mind"

"What we created is an automated postal machine"

"Picture a bunch of safes on top of each other with a touchscreen in the middle"

SocialGreg's Uptake

Photo courtesy of Swapbox
This just makes sense. I don't know how many times I stayed home and just waited for my package. With Swapbox, they put them near restaurants or convenience stores and so it is definitely on the way to home. They are expanding in SF with over 22 locations and they have now included sending packagings. There is a 50% off deal for sending packages so it is cheaper than sending them your self...crazy huh? They are determined to keep this boot-strapped and not get too ahead of themselves. Check out this service on your way to dinner.


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