Startup Blog Insights - Agile Investors and Is Your CEO a Spin Doctor

This month we discuss being agile when your partners and investors aren't and CEOs that spin news - Truth or dare?. We catch up with Taffy Williams of Startup Blog and for his insights on his articles titled “Investors and Partners May not Think Agile” and an article on Startup Blog “CEOs walk a fine line when using a positive spin."  Taffy gives examples from his experience of Agile ways of thinking and insights on how investors think. Give it a view!

Help Your Investors Help You - Make them Money!

"Sometimes investors want their cake and want to eat too" "It is not abnormal to have Angel investors want 3 to 5X in 3 to 5 years" "An Attorney once told me he has never had an agreement mean the same things to the individuals five years later" "A young CEO who was describing his device for creating energy that was going to reduce energy consumption within a large massive area and he was describing how this device was self-sustaining and how it was going to do this and how it was going to do that...and when I was asking questions about how it worked...he said it runs itself..I told him you were describing a Perpetual Motion Machine - they don't exist"


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