FirstBuild Community Helps You Hack Your GE Appliance

What? A major appliance company goes maker? That is what GE's promise for the FirstBuild community in Louisville, Kentucky. FirstBuild is a community of builders, makers and innovators backed by GE. We interview FirstBuild's product evangelist, Taylor Dawson, live from their maker space. They will even give you a tour. Check it out!

Your GE Appliance is Now a Maker Appliance

"Green Bean is the first for the appliance industry"

"There is a high level and low level (of control)...we give you access to control the control system"

"Out of the ATT Hackathon a few weeks ago - there was an application for the laundry that notified you on your android watch and allowed you to send a message back to keep your laundry fresh so the drum would keep spinning from time to time"

"The reason we created First Build is to bring innovation to the market faster"

SocialGreg Uptake

Now, this is just brilliant. Take a over 100 year old US company and make it innovate faster is no easy task. In fact, pretty risky. I like the guts GE took to enable a small "skunk works" team and crowd-source innovation to flourish within the "maker" movement. For more information, check out their website here. For information on the Green Bean development kit, look here. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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