Update: Academy of Art Students in an Uproar over Adobe CS6 License Cancellations

And the Adobe Creative Cloud debate continues... I came across this post on my Facebook feed about Adobe Master Collection vCS6 licenses of Academy of Art University students and alumni being revoked without warning. Remember CS6 is the last of the breed requiring only a one time license purchase. Creative Cloud is perpetual (as long as you pay). The graduate student alumni of Academy of Art writes in a letter on the Facebook page "Adobe claims that my university revoked the serial numbers, while my university claims Adobe terminated my ownership, and they had no warning this would happen – to any of us." So, how can this happen? Well, apparently "Students were issued serial numbers, with licensing agreements, and sent on our merry way to learn the intricacies of our creative tools." said alumni graduate student. Interesting huh? This license agreement must have been very customized for the Academy of Art University(AAU). Typically, enterprise licenses are only for site-owned computers.

The Creative Cloud is Adobe's product plan to gain more control and stabilize profits. Digging into this looks like both parties are pointing at each other. A lot of unanswered questions have come to mind. Did Adobe grant AAU the right to distribute copies to students? or Did AAU buy individual licenses for each student?

Check out this thread from the Adobe community chat on this topic which points to customer service gone bad.

Anyway, we will be updating this blog as news unfolds but check out their Facebook page. Somethings going on here.

Latest Update(9/18): " Currently discussions with Adobe seem to be at a stand still. At this time, Adobe has offered very little in the ways that may be deemed as satisfactory in cases such as yours. It appears that the decision to expire these licenses by Adobe is final. I am sorry that there is not much more we can do or offer you at this time."

Here is an interview we did this weekend with organizer Sarah Ryan. She gives an overview of the issue.


Anonymous said…
Our tuition was increased to include the purchase of the CS6 serials. We have the right to the software that we payed for through the school.
Anonymous said…
Our tuition was increased because the school thinks we will just pay what we're told. And they were right.
Anonymous said…
This is what happens when you go to a "university" that's a business first and a school second. They don't care about students at all. AAU would let a goat take classes (and would give it passing grades) as long as it paid tuition.
Anonymous said…
Can confirm. I can't draw for shit, but got straight A's as long as I paid tuition. And now that I've dropped out, they're taking out federal loans in my name, with my protests falling on deaf ears all around.
Anonymous said…
This is simply not true, your instructor or someone else might have told you it did, but it simply isn't the case. At no point did the tuition go up to cover this deal.

I was a student before and after AAU got the Adobe deal, and tuition remained the same when the deal happened and the following semester it didn't go up by any more than it also did each of the three semesters before the deal came into being.
Anonymous said…
Can you explain that more? I've heard this from three other people and I'm really interested. Message me if you like. I am the organizer of Facebook. Com/adobesteals
Anonymous said…
Tuition increases paid for access to licenses the Academy had already purchased (and owned) as a part of an Enterprise Term Licensing Agreement. ETLA licenses can be sub-contracted and registered to third parties, but ownership remains with the school. Tuition fees grant you the right to access the licenses/software provided by the Academy, they do not imply ownership of the licenses.

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