What is a Crowdfunding Festival?

When creator pitch night meets Kickstarter, that is a crowdfunding festival. One Spark is the world's only crowdfunding festival started in Jacksonville, Florida and now coming to Berlin, Germany. We speak with Elton Rivas of One Spark as he discusses how he and his two other co-founders created One Spark and how the Berlin event coming up on September 12 and 13 is organized.

Crowdfunding 2.0

"The premise of One Spark... a lot of cities has challenges of connecting great ideas with resources they need to launch...there has a better way of doing this"

"the beauty of crowdfunding, it is truly the democratization of capital...where people can put money into whatever they want to see into fruition"

"Berlin...the community is exploding from a tech standpoint...and a super dense artistic community (Berlin)has the potential to scale..."

If you are in Europe and specifically in Berlin, you can visit their website for more information on One Spark Berlin.


Anonymous said…
Wow.!just listened to impressive interview...re:One Spark...very cool .

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