Kickstarter Unboxed: How to Stop Viruses from Attacking Your Smart Fridge

We continue our Kickstart Unboxed series on Kickstarter entrepreneurs and their stories. Earlier this year, a supposed unvalidated claim of a refrigerator sending spam email was reported. In the Internet of Things(IOT) era, security, virus and malware vulnerability is a possibilty. We found a product on Kickstarter, called iGuardian, which stops viruses and malware before they enter your home network device. We speak with Jock Breitwieser (Bright-wise-er) and Daniel Ayoub of itus Networks and creators of iGuardian. Daniel and Jock give a glimpse of their so-far successful Kickstarter campaign. Listen to their learnings about Kickstarter.

Getting tired of being the Family IT Guy?

Very good insights into what their product is and how they used Kickstarter to bootstrap their product launch.

What made you launch this product called iGuardian? (3:22)

Tell us about the iGuardian product. (5:15)
What made you choose Kickstarter? (12:17)
Give me some of your initial thoughts about the Kickstarter experience now the campaign is nearing completion. (13:25)
Tell us how you promoted your product (17:10)
Anything you learned about the product from the Kickstarter campaign? (20:15) What are the next steps to get to production? (25:43)

If you want to learn more about iGuardian, visit the Kickstarter page here.


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