How to go from 0-60 in Coding in about 30 Days

Our shortage of coders especially here in the SF Bay Area is no joke. Recently many people are trying to address this need with short courses. Angel Hack, the organization known for their worldwide hackathons, has started an educational program primarily to train people to code to address this shortage. They are focusing on Ruby On Rails and you won't be an expert in Rails in 30 days but will be well on your way. Check them out!

We Want You to Stay Motivated

"…it(shortage of coders) runs across the board…there is a demand all over"

"Anyone can learn how to code…(type of person who codes) If you are going to hit a speed bump and keep going or hit it and will know at the end of this course"

"it is reverse classroom…watching videos online and come into class to re-enforce what you just learned…data shows failure rates decrease with it"


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