Northern Ireland is Accelerating the UK Startup Culture

The startup heart of the UK is Belfast, Northern Ireland? Well, that seems to be what Aaron Taylor thinks who has organized an event called Friday Night Mashup into a TEDx meets Shark Tank meets SxSW in Northern Ireland. Aaron sits in a place where the knowledge economy growing three times faster than the rest of the UK. We talk with Aaron who discusses not only why the Friday Night Mashup is truly quirky as well as the desire to get Bono to his event someday. Check it out!

Friday Night Mashup is Quirky But Drives Creativity

"It(Friday Night Mashup) highlights the brightest and the best startups in Northern Ireland"

"...that what drives creativity…having people with different backgrounds and skills come together"

"…we don't just focus on early stage but we work across the spectrum so if you have a product to launch or something interesting to say or looking for talent…this will get the visibility you need"

From left: Wilson Kriegel Chief Revenue Officer at Pics ART; Becky Wang from Crossbeat; Aaron Taylor from Friday Night Mashup; and Jon Vanhala from Thesis Ventures    


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