Gyzmo! You deserve power over your devices

What is Gyzmo?

Gyzmo is a wireless button that syncs with your smart devices using BLE technology. Once Gyzmo is synced you will have the ability to launch your favorite applications and features from across the room with the press of a button. 
Its unique design and shape allows you to easily identify the appropriate button to press in an emergency situation. Its durable plastic enclosure guarantees functionality even after the craziest adventure with your friends.

Gyzmo doesn't have one, but THREE programmable buttons. This allows you to create unique patterns for as many commands as you want.

The next generation of Bluetooth is here and it’s quickly becoming the go-to protocol for interacting with all your smart devices. A year from now you’ll be glad you became an early adopter with Gyzmo before the surge of Bluetooth 4.0 devices arrived! With Bluetooth 4.0 Gyzmo can be used to launch commands from up to 100 ft. away.

We've seen many other Bluetooth 4.0 devices, but they all operate on a coin cell battery that has to be replaced when it drains. With Gyzmo you won’t have to worry about this! From the start, we planned for long term use with Gyzmo, and using a rechargeable battery in tandem with the extremely low power consumption of Bluetooth 4.0 gives you amazing longevity. You can get a full year’s use from Gyzmo on a little as 2 charges (assuming you charge it the day you get it), with each charge only taking up to an hour of your time. Gyzmo will even monitor its own battery and let you know via alert on your phone that it needs to be charged. No surprises, guaranteed.

You have to use a proprietary connector to charge Gyzmo, right? Absolutely not! Gyzmo is charged using a standard micro USB cable.

There will be times when you forget where you put Gyzmo or the key chain it’s attached to. Using the speaker/buzzer that Gyzmo has installed, it can chime so you can find it. It’s also possible you’ll walk out of range of Gyzmo and disconnect, unable to chime it. Using the signal detection feature in the Gyzmo App will allow you to automatically scan the surrounding area; just walk around until you see its signature.

How do you use Gyzmo?

Since Gyzmo is a remote control, you’ll need to configure what each button press/pattern does. This can be done using the free Gyzmo App. See below for a demonstration of the app setup:

Gyzmo App is compatible with iPhone and Android devices that have Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities.
Gyzmo App is compatible with iPhone and Android devices that have Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities.


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