HashtagSell Moves the World to Online Classifieds 2.0

Moving the online classified market seems a no brainer considering the social network tools out there. HashtagSell claims to hold that promise. HashtagSell is a ebay meets craigslist with a pinterest user experience. We talk with co-founders Brad Davis and Devin McKinney on their new service. Devin even gives some advice on funding for startups. Check it out.

Optimizing the Buy-Sell Experience

"Hashtagsell is a web application that enables you to search. Just like you would on google, and you get results from all over the internet, from ebay, cars.com, and craigslist all in one page…and looks like Pinterest when the results come in. When you want to sell an item, you type in I have a #television for $<whatever you want to sell it for> @<whereever you want to sell it>."

"We want to change on-line classifieds for the better, online payments, real-time notification systems and a really easy way to find items out there"

"I live in SF for 10 years…it is such a pain to find apartments and filter them and then to contact the landlord…when I move to my new apartment I had to sell something and had a shady weird guy come over my house…the whole buy-sell experience scared me…there had to be a way to optimize this and make it better."

SocialGreg's Uptake

HashtagSell's promise is to purchase and sell things with ease. I have tried the buying function and it does have a great user experience. I have not tried the selling experience yet and the service is still in beta. But, if you want to help a good idea become great, sign up for the beta using the beta code "nerdstalker." They use UserVoice so you can feedback quickly your opinion or bugs that you find.


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