Startup Blog Insights - 4 Ways Agile Entrepreneurs Use to Optimize Time

This month, we take another journey into Agile thinking. We will go in-depth into an article on titled “4 Ways Agile Entrepreneurs Optimize Timewith Taffy Williams, Examiner writer and entrepreneur, and the co-founder & CEO of Colonial TDC. Taffy gives examples from his experience of Agile ways of thinking and insights on how investors think. Give it a listen or a view!

Time is Money

"One of the things that can happen…you are going to stand in front of people that you are looking to get money from...that you say you can do it in a month but take a year…you look stupid…give people fair balance"

"if you don't look for places where problems can occur…thinking about alternatives can help you make an adjustment when problems occur"

"Everything you do maybe improved by putting some thought into it and being not so locked into the way you do it"


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