How to Score Nerdy Things for Valentines Day with Richard Chemel

Valentines is a "Hallmark" holiday it seems but there are some great sites for the nerd heart-throb in your life. In this interview, Richard Chemel of JustDeals talks about geeky Valentine's Day gifts, the Daily Deal market and entrepreneurial advice. He even gives us an advanced peek into a JustDeals deal going live on Valentines day.

Need a Gift for the Geeky Lover in Your Life?

"Still holding its on but Bacon...Bacon has had longevity out there, the site to buy a bacon item is Archie McPhee,"

"For the real, real geek , the persons who in High School or in College who is into study or computers or buried in their books is Edmund Scientific"

"Another geeky site is is a where a geek will buy another thing for another geek"

"Who would buy a product for a loved one over the internet...would they want to go to a store to pick it out?"

"Product daily deal market is a lucrative market...where these businesses stock these products...where Groupon and Living Social doesn't"

Richard gives us a few tips for those last minute geek lovers for Valentine's Day. For those who love nerdy bacon items, Richard suggests Archie McPhee. If there is a science geek in your life, check out Edmund Scientific. How about a Heat Changing Heart Mug? Check out ThinkGeek's GeekLove section for Valentine's Day.

Richard says the Product DailyDeal market is thriving. He says that companies like his that has inventory and has name brands are doing quite well as opposed the the Brick and Mortar DailyDeal sites like Groupon or LivingSocial. The contrast here is that companies like his has complete control over inventory where Groupon's brand is dependent on the retailers that they sign up. Living proof of that is the small business owners who can't keep up with demand and not only ruin their business but scars the brand of Groupon.

SocialGreg's Uptake

Richard Chemel was just a great guy to interview.  He knows his geek items as he said he is an "early adopter." Check out his daily product deals site - JustDeals. Richard knows the product deal space and has structured his company to provide value and excellence. His advice for entrepreneurs is to follow your passion and be honest. His interview shows Richard's years of experience, strength of character and a Child-like passion. Richard says "if you have an idea that you want some opinion, send it my is all about helping people."


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