Music Pioneers at Macworld/iWorld 2013

At Macworld/iWorld people are focused on the latest app or latest accessories and there were not a shortage of those items. Tucked away in various corners of Moscone West were three music pioneers displaying their music gear at Macworld/iWorld 2013.  They are not the household names connected with Fender, Gibson or Yamaha but after our Nerd Stalker interviews with each of them, they need a due mention. Have you heard of Larry Fishman, Robert Godin or Tony Agnello? and why should we? Well, they have created their companies from nothing to a sustained business with over 100 years of business experience combined.

Larry Fishman, Fishman Transducers

Fishman Transducers have been around for 32 years. We sat down with Larry Fishman and discussed their new TriplePlay Wireless Guitar Controller as well as things he did to sustain his business for over 30 years. TriplePlay has already piled up accolades, like the Best of NAMM(National Association of Music Merchants) show because of what guitar MIDI failed to do.  Larry says "I have all the failed Guitar MIDI products in my lab." The story behind how he brought TriplePlay to market by partnering with the right people in an interview by SocialGreg here.

Robert Godin, Godin Guitars

Robert Godin started his guitar company, Godin Guitars,  in 1972. We sat down with him for a informal chat at his Macworld booth and he is one of the most humble but proud men I have ever met. Robert worked along side a luthier(lute manufacturer) long enough to understand he had found his passion and designed and perfected a style of building that produced a unique sounding guitar. He said they are keeping a "low profile" at the show and "here to support Fishman (transducers)" here at Macworld/iWorld 2013. 

Tony Agnello, Eventide

Founded in 1971, Eventide was the pioneer in Digital Audio Processing in music. Tony Agnello worked on the company's first harmonizer and understands what a "startup" culture is all about and what passion can create. In fact, he left Eventide for a brief bit and came back for a second "gig." Tony is an engineer. Tony sat down with SocialGreg and discussed the latest product H9 Harmonizer which puts the UI on the iPad and the product development philosophy behind it. This interview will publish in a subsequent article by Nerd Stalker.


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