Jam for iPhone - No Talent Required

Jam for iPhone is a fun app. You sing into your iPhone, select a theme and publish a song. How simple is that? A personal Karaoke machine or an Instagram for music as the founder states. We sat down with Sam Russell, developer of Jam for iPhone, to discuss his App, Australian VC/Angel investors and starting a business with his brother.

"Making someone that is not creative in a particular field and be creative in that field and show off to their friends has not been done in music yet"

"We have 19,000 songs downloaded and a quarter million downloads of the App"

"We have a game mechanical to it...the more likes your song gets, the more interaction, the more points and credits to buy other song themes"

SocialGreg's Uptake

If you have the guts to sing in the shower then why not try this app. I am fascinated but the technology that matches the song to your voice. The game mechanics is cleaver for this app. You have 9 themes from Reggae to 80's Dance to choose from. If you are brave, you can share on Facebook and Twitter. It is so easy even a monkey can do it. Give it a shot and maybe you will hit the top of the Jam charts.

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