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Greg Viloria and Adolfo Foronda of Nerd Stalker are back with the best finds of MacWorld iWorld 2013.

In this episode we talk about:

What was Ashton Kutcher doing there? Oh yeah being Steve Jobs.
Will.i.Am is all about Futurehunting and why that is so awesome especially if your not a Black Eye Peas fan.

Adolfo's best of Show:

Other mentions:
JAM for iPhone
Rostami Magic
Doctors need to get their MacPractice on asap.
Fishman Transducers and the first ever Guitar Midi
Naturespace Holographic Audio - Get your amazingly relaxing sounds.
Crestron Home/Business Automation
Wemo Home Switch Automation for the rest of us.
Dragon Dictate for the desktop is rediculously powerful.
New Professional Mac Rumor
Recap of some great MacWorld talks, shout out to David Sparks.
Glide is a video walkie talkie for your iPhone
Get the MacWorld presentation files before they are gone at
Bowblade, its a bow that you put your iPhone in then game.
Oloclip 3 in one lense.
Izik a slick front end to Blekko search.
Lightspeed a slick point of sale system for retail.
and more...


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