Look Mom No Hands - AirTurn Wireless Controller for Musicians

We love music at Nerd Stalker. AirTurn caught our music eye at Macworld/iWorld 2013. With AirTurn wireless pedal technology, you can control virtually any iOS music app through their wireless pedals. We sit down with Hugh Sung, co-founder and VP of Marketing of AirTurn - maker of wireless (bluetooth) pedals and controllers. In this interview Hugh discusses the different music applications that can be used with AirTurn's BT-105.

AirTurn Makes Music Gigs Easier

”I wanted to get rid of my paper music but how do I turn the pages"

"Musicians are disabled...a swipe is impractical in the iPad...so we developed wireless technology"

"Bluetooth is really robust....no issues with crosstalk between pedals and musicians"

AirTurn started with a need for music sheet page turning and has found a niche with iOS music app control. Partnering together seems to be a norm in this small community. They've partnered with music effect apps like JamUp to Music reader apps like SeeScore. You can find more compatible apps here. AirTurn's BT-105 controller can control up to four pedals. With 4 pedals you can do a lot.

SocialGreg's Uptake

I have seen another page turner from Japan and gesture based control is cool but can have some tradeoffs. The pedal method seems to be more natural to musicians in a gigging environment. If you are a budding musican - the page turner can be useful and if you are a gigging musician, using the BT-105 for effects can be the ticket. Either way, AirTurn's products are worth a look.


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