Music and iOS Spottings at Macworld/iWorld

One category that was under the radar at Macworld were the music apps and products. Macworld had a music stage called the Music Studio and still no one seem to notice. The Nerd Stalker music nerds noticed. We want to highlight some interesting creative music apps that use iOS that we found at Macworld.

Handsfree with AirTurn

AirTurn is a wireless pedal used for turning music pages on your iPad. I sat down with Hugh Sung, co-founder and discussed their technology which can work with many other apps like iPad effect boxes and even could be used as a teleprompter. Look for our interview with Hugh as he talks about the wireless pedal.

Fishman TriplePlay Solves the Guitar MIDI problem

Fishman's TriplePlay solves the Guitar Controller issue that Guitar MIDI was not able to solve for years. They demo'd the unit at Macworld/iWorld Music Studio and it was simply awesome. We sat down with Larry Fishman and talked about the TriplePlay development. Stay tuned for our interview. See a TriplePlay demo video from NAMM care of GearGuruz.

Eventide H9 Harmonizer Simplifies the Harmonizer Box

Digital Audio Processing - That's what Eventide is known for. The H9 Harmonizer is not only a Harmonizer for your guitar, it is a lesson in product design using the iPad. We sat down with Tony Agnello, President of the Audio Division at Eventide, to discuss the User Interface development with the H9 and the iPad. Look for our interview this week.

Jam for iPhone Let's You Create Music Anywhere, Anytime, Any-Talent

Can't sing? Don't worry, Jam for iPhone will make you into a superstar. Just sing into your iPhone and let Jam do the rest. We sat down with Sam Russell and does a great demo and even discusses the Australian VC climate. Look for our release this week.


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