iOS Makes It Into Your Doctor's Office

On Day One of Macworld/iWorld, I looked for interesting applications in the health area and found Mark Hollis of MacPractice. Nerd Stalker also found a posture app called MacPractice is a Lincoln, Nebraska - Silicon Prairie company committed to providing personal client service. MacPractice provides an integrated tool for a primary care health professional to manage your records and information. We talk with Mark about managing health records over a patient's lifetime.

Managing Various Types of Data is the Challenge

"The federal government has created incentives for doctors to adopt EHR or Electronic Health Records"

"...just think of the doctor that you go to that gets your CT Scan data(on CD), makes an opinion and puts it your Mom's folder"

"My primary person as a developer allows a doctor to be more efficient, allows the doctor to focus more on the patient, allows him to improve the quality of care, and that's my intent"

In this segment, Mark discusses the data challenges that patients and doctors face over a lifetime.

MacPractice Delivers Native iPad Applications for Doctors

MacPractice has been in business since 2004 but both founders have been developing software for MacMacPractice has delivered a suite of three native iPad Applications that allows a doctor who wants to use an iPad to collect data and connect with the Mac in the office to store or retrieve the patient data.

MacPractice enables Doctors to get into following the government's guidance of providing electronic health records and qualifying for government incentives. MacPractice delivers total solutions through what they call "Alliance Partners." Alliance partners integrates MacPractice with their solutions to provide an integrated solution.

In this segment, Mark discusses the three iPad products for MacPractice.

MacPractice Business Model Is Based on Consistency and Customer Service

In this segment, Mark tells us how his company implements MacPractice. Over 100 employees, over 40 Affiliates and Partners make what is MacPractice is today. Mark tells me integration takes less than a week and they do an assessment of the doctor's practice to see how they can configure MacPractice. Currently only 4% of doctors are cloud based services so Mark sees the SaaS growing in the future.

SocialGreg's Uptake

Let's face it, not the most sexy product on the Macworld floor but we found the conversation with Mark about his company enjoyable. It was refreshing to see a company that grows at a rate that is sustainable and that doesn't sacrifice quality. MacPractice shows that Silicon Prairie is alive and well.So, if you are a health professional looking at iPads, check out MacPractice.


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